Membership Committee

Chair:          Gail Todd (South Africa)
Co-Chairs:   Paula Luna (Argentina)
                     Albert Yan (USA)

Membership Benefits

  1. E-learning program with access to viewing interesting cases online and ability to obtain consultation for difficult to diagnose and manage cases (members only) and an opportunity to participate in discussions on focus sessions and controversies in pediatric dermatology.

  2. Online access to important new articles related to pediatric dermatology that would otherwise require a journal subscription.

  3. Eligibility to apply for awards and scholarships.

  4. Announcement of ISPD co-sponsored meetings and scholarships.

  5. Multiple opportunities to network with pediatric dermatologists from around the world.

  6. Access to the on-line membership directory.

Who Can be a Member?

  1. Pediatric dermatologists

  2. Any dermatologist, pediatrician, family physician or medical doctor who is interested in pediatric dermatology.

  3. Any medical doctor in training: fellow, resident, intern, medical student who is interested in pediatric dermatology.

  4. Any clinical/medical assistant, nurse, paramedic or scientist who is interested in pediatric dermatology.

Membership Categories

The ISPD has 3 main categories of membership

1. Regular Member 
This category is for all medical doctors (includes types 1 and 2 above)

Regular members have full membership and voting benefits.

2. Associate Member

This category is for medical doctor in training (fellow, resident, intern, medical student) clinical/medical assistant, nurse, paramedic or scientist/researcher.

Requires a supporting letter from the program chair or department head or an active ISPD member.
Associate members cannot hold office or vote on society matters.

3. Individual Sponsor Member
This category is for individuals wishing to help sponsor the educational activities of the society. In addition to the privileges and benefits of regular membership, you will receive a certificate recognizing your contribution.