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The ISPD aims to improve knowledge about Pediatric Dermatology worldwide, thereby improving the health of children around the world. In this website you will find online resources accesible to members of the ISPD, including relevant recent publications with comments, salient presentations by leaders in the field, opportunuties to train in Pediatric Dermatology, and expert consult of important topics in Pediatric dermatology and difficult cases submitted by ISPD members. ISPD also hopes to be a source of networking among dermatologists, especially those without a formal regional network, and is developing a members' directory to allow easy contact among members, regardless of location.

Promoting Pediatric Dermatology in developing countries is central purpose of the ISPD. As ISPD grows, we expect to offer grants for physicians to train in Pediatric Dermatology or attend important meetings in Pediatric Dermatology and honour both junior and senior pediatric dermatologists with rewards for their distinguished contribution in this field. Key to networking is the every 4 year World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology (WCPD), sponsored by the ISPD. The WCPD is the perfect opportunity for pediatric dermatologists from different countries to share their professional and personal experiences in Pediatric Dermatology and to exchange and discuss their clinical and scientific ideas. The next WCPD will take place in Edinburgh in 2021.

We invite you to become an ISPD member, get involved through joining us in this ambitious project, and enjoy the benefits of accessing the website as we will create new postings during these first years of website development.

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