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The ISPD Board of Directors created the Communication Committee to promote education in Pediatric Dermatology globally and share experiences among ISPD members and experts in the field. The ISPD Communication Committee consists of two sub-committees:

1. Education Committee

2. Social Media Committee

Who Can Access

All activities by the Communication Committee are for ISPD members only. Registered members can view the content and participate in discussions by logging into the ISPD Website with their e-mail ID and password. If you are not a member, we encourage you to join for free by submitting the application form here

Communication Committee

Chair:          Arti Nanda (Kuwait)

Co-Chairs:  Anne Halbert (Australia)

                     Dirk Van Gysel (Belgium) 

Education Committee

  1. E Learning Cases:

A Pediatric Dermatology case for diagnosis is posted once every two weeks and the diagnosis with bulleted teaching points appears the next week. Cases for this activity can be submitted by all ISPD members. For more information, click here.


2. Cases for Discussion

Cases for discussion are cases posing a diagnostic or therapeutic challenge. To submit a case, click here.


3. ISPD News Bulletin:

ISPD News Bulletin are released quarterly (January/April/July/October) since July 2019. The content includes:

  1. President’s Address

  2. Editorial (By the News Editor or one of the Education sub-committee members)

  3. A brief update on recent ISPD activities (regional conferences, sister society meetings, etc.)

  4. FDA approvals of drugs or else for use in Pediatric Dermatology/Pediatrics (that may also apply to Pediatric Dermatology)

  5. CDC recommendations/updates (in the recent past) on diseases related to Pediatric Dermatology

  6. WHO recommendations/updates (in the recent past) on diseases related to Pediatric Dermatology

  7. Any other news updates related to pediatric dermatology including emerging viruses, tropical diseases, primary/acquired immunodeficiencies/stem cell transfer/genetics/new drug trials etc. from authenticated Medical sources (can include review of literature, updates from the conferences in respective fields etc.)

  8. Pediatric Dermatology literature review from non-Dermatological journals

  9. Pediatric Dermatology literature review from Dermatology journals on significant topics

  10. A brief review of significant Pediatric Dermatology activities including conferences, camps, symposia across the globe

Social Media Committee

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