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ISPD Webinar 1: Drug eruptions : 24th February 2024


The 1st ISPD Webinar on Drug eruptions will be held on 24th February 2024, Saturday at 8 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).


London: 1 PM | Dubai: 5 PM | Perth: 9 PM


Speakers :

Antonio Torrelo.JPG

Antonio Torrelo

Head of Department of Dermatology

Michele Ramien.jpeg

Michele Ramien

Academic Dermatologist

Gwendy Dupire.jpg

Gwendy Dupire

Associate Head Chief of the Immuno-Allergology Clinic

Paula C Luna.jpeg

Paula Carolina Luna

Dermatologist and Pediatric Dermatologist            

Lalit Gupta.png

Lalit Gupta

Senior Professor in Dermatology

Ruud Verstegen .png

Ruud Verstegen

Paediatric Rheumatologist & Clinical Pharmacologist

Leow Syen Yee.png

Leow Syen Yee

Paediatric Dermatology Consultant

Drug Eruptions

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