Before you begin: 

Please ensure that you have all the relevant documents from the following list, as applicable to you. These documents are required in order to verify your professional credentials & help us evaluate your application for membership.

Mandatory documents:

  1. Current Registration/ Certification/ License to practise as a healthcare professional : Please ensure you send us your CURRENT and VALID license to practice medicine. Your application will not be processed without this document. ​​

  2. Abridged relevant CV of 5 pages maximum

  • Please do not submit your degree certificate as this is not required for Regular Membership Application.

  • Please do not submit your qualification certificates, certificates of registration of qualifications, certificates of membership of dermatology societies or letters of recommendation/support as these are not required for Regular Membership Approval.

  • The licence to practise medicine does not need translation if not issued in English but the candidates name, the name of the issuing authority, date of issue and date of expiry must be clear.

If you are unable to view the form below, please contact the secretariat at